Our Process

Getting Your Solar System Is Easier Than You Think.

Our process is straightforward and easy. It shouldn’t be hard to go solar in East Tennessee.

Our 5 Step Process

We’ve worked with nearly every utility board, inspector, and permitting office in East Tennessee. We know what each requirement is and strive to maintain a one inspection pass rate. We do this by understanding and instilling local requirements into our installation practices.


Site Assessment

The first step in getting Your Home Solar. We will measure your installation area, perform a detailed inspection of the home’s needs, and provide you with an accurate proposal.


Permits & Applications

Completing and submitting paperwork for regulatory steps.



Delivering Materials to Location, Installation and Wiring.



State and LPC regulatory inspections: The timeline of this step is largely out of our hands. Inspectors and utilities maintain their own schedules and do not regularly coordinate with us. They will, however, inform us when the inspections have been completed and we will quickly move to get you to the next step.



Connecting your Inverters , performing final system checks, and powering up your system.

Learn More About How You Can Go Solar in 2024

We’re experts in the East Tennessee market and understand how to build your solar system to your specifications, and make it affordable in the process.

Client’s Reviews

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