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Solar ownership should be simple, straightforward, and enjoyable. We’re here to deliver the best residential solar experience you’ve heard of. Expect more with Your Home Solar.

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While solar energy makes sense if you're looking for emergency power backup, to reduce your carbon footprint, or take advantage of the longterm energy bill savings, the contractor you choose is important. At Your Home Solar, your business matters and we're committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

Solar Benefits

Residential Solar Has Many Benefits

Solar has grown in popularity over the years in East Tennessee. If you’re considering solar for your home, here are some high level benefits that you may not be thinking about:

  • Emergency Power Backup: Solar is a better alternative to a traditional generator that has ongoing maintenance and still grid dependant
  • Clean Energy: Solar is only of the cleanest energy producers, making it perfect for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Long-Term Power Savings: Solar energy offsets your dependency on the grid. Over the course of time, it's the only home improvement project that will pay itself off.

Learn More About How You Can Go Solar in 2024

We’re experts in the East Tennessee market and understand how to build your solar system to your specifications, and make it affordable in the process.

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We’ll review your home, discuss your needs, calculate your utility bill savings based on your specific sun exposure and current energy bill, and provide options to choose from.

Estimate the Calculation

We use a sophisticated software to calculate your solar system energy potential that is extremely accurate. You’ll know what to expect before the system is installed.

We Believe In Lifetime Customers

Once your system is installed, we are always here to help provide additional support through warranty related issues, maintenance, and upgrades.