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Your Home Solar specializes in clean energy and energy storage systems. However, we seek to be more than just a solar company. We serve our community while bettering the lives of our customers every day. We are veteran owned and operated and we pride ourselves in providing a top-quality installation with a competitive price while offering responsive support if it’s ever needed for your system in the years down the road. We are passionate about solar energy and want to be part of the solution while we help contribute to making this world a better place. We truly believe that not only can solar help get us there, but it also makes financial sense to be more energy independent from the grid, lock in your energy costs now, and gain the peace of mind of backing up your home’s power in the case of grid outages. At Your Home Solar, we always treat your home like it is our home.

Our Process

About Our Founder

A strong work ethic, the ability to identify with people quickly, and a technical mind have allowed Ernie to work and excel in the worlds of Solar Power, Construction, the US Navy, and Secondary Education. However, what has always driven him is his desire to take care of people, his love of his two sons, and his willingness to serve.

While in the Navy, Ernie advanced to the rank of Petty Officer Second Class while also gaining the coveted certification of Quality Assurance Inspector and qualifying for all senior in-rate certifications. As a Missile Technician on Ohio Class Submarines, he received and maintained a Top-Secret SSBI security clearance while working on Trident II nuclear missiles within nuclear security and nuclear weapons operating procedures. The desire to serve his country and work for something “greater than himself” is what he says inspired him to serve in the Navy.

After exiting the Navy, Ernie gained his bachelor’s degree from Valdosta State University in less than three years (Cum Laude). He then came home to East Tennessee and gained a master’s degree in education from the University of Tennessee. After leaving “Rocky Top” he was privileged to be a secondary educator. As Ernie says, “It was a privilege to be a teacher, dean of students, and department head. The skills gained from my time as an educator are immeasurable, but most of all, I just loved working with the kids.”

However, while addressing the desire to make a career move for financial reasons, he achieved a position with a prominent and well-respected construction company in Knoxville, TN. In this role, he was incredibly impressed with the integrity and processes of this company. In referencing his time with them, he says “The way this wonderful company always did whatever was necessary to do what they had promised the customer made a lasting impression on me. I have never seen a company that truly lives by the motto of ‘do the right thing’ quite so well”. It is this way of doing business that he would bring into his own business. His role here set him up to take a lead operations position in an industry that had always fascinated him, and he couldn’t pass it up: the solar power industry.

In this lead position, the ability to solve problems, create needed solutions, and create strong processes to address the needs of a growing business and its clientele allowed for success in this fast-growing industry and he immediately fell in love with the technology and its capabilities. However, he was also able to witness the less than reputable practices of the large solar companies in his area while in this position. It was this experience that led to him becoming determined to bring the strong customer service and ethical business practices he had witnessed in the construction industry to the solar industry. From that determination, he created Your Home Solar.

Your Home Solar was built with the goals of:

  1. Offering complete solutions that put our homeowners in charge of their energy needs, and
  2. Making “Do the right thing” our culture and way of doing business.
  3. Providing extraordinary customer service,

Under Ernie’s leadership, we do not compromise on these goals and work to serve our community each day.

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote the adoption of renewable energy technologies by establishing and maintaining rigorous certification standards for practitioners in the field. As an Associate Member of NABCEP, you can demonstrate your commitment to renewable energy and showcase your knowledge and skills to potential clients and employers.

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We’re experts in the East Tennessee market and understand how to build your solar system to your specifications, and make it affordable in the process.

Mission & Values

As a a veteran owned and operated solar installation company, we pursue quality because that is what we would expect for our own homes. Each day we strive for perfection within our field by targeting a few different areas. At Your Home Solar, we will always treat your home like it is our home.

Quality Craftsmanship

Our mission is to provide clear, high quality and affordable ecological advice and services to public.

Professional Standards

Our goal is to have your system operational in a timely manner while maintaining a 1st-time-passed inspection rate.

Honesty and Integrity

We are honest and straightforward with our customers while setting realistic expectations.

Service and Support

Once installed, we stand behind our products with meaningful warranties and great service.

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